Conduct easy, compliant Right to Work & ID verification checks in seconds

Join the thousands of people protecting their businesses and completing GDPR compliant Right to Work & ID verification checks in seconds using Rightcheck.

Rightcheck works with any size of business – from small companies who just need to efficiently validate their new employee has a Right to Work to corporate bodies requiring HR enterprise feature-set & systems integration

Rightcheck powers thousands of Right to Work checks every year. Here are some of our valued customers:

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Save time and money 


Poor compliance procedures result in time wasted on progress chasing, re-checking and rectifying costly mistakes. 


Rightcheck eliminates the need for inefficient paper-based system, speeding up processes and reducing the risk of losing promising candidates.

Rightcheck is an app-based front end for conducting checks with a cloud-based management portal for administering checks; this architecture allows for ease of implementation with a RESTful API for ease of integration.

Be compliant 


A single compliance breach is all it takes to incur significant fines, prosecution and damage to your brand/reputation. Adopting Rightcheck can address your legal obligations with regards to Right to Work, Modern Slavery and GDPR when recruiting.


You can relax knowing Rightcheck has got it covered, with in-built logic that is auto-updated to reflect the prevailing legislation.  

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Improve candidate experience.


Quick and efficient on-boarding checks give your candidates a positive impression about their prospective new employer. As does a secure, digital approach to the process.


Rightcheck ensures all your hiring managers are equipped to perform the right checks in seconds direct from their mobile – regardless of the nationality or status of the candidate.

What’s more Rightcheck now incorporates Machine Learning (ML) – transforming the process to further reduce risk and increase automation.

Revolutionise your recruitment process

See how Rightcheck can help your business save time, cut admin costs and reduce risk with a quick online demo

Watch our quick video and we will walk you through how the app works.

This video will walk you through the Rightcheck app that your recruiters and managers can use to conduct compliant Right to Work checks. Once they have submitted the check using the app, an integrated web portal enables your HR team to view and manage the checks. If you would like a full demonstration of the Rightcheck platform, i.e. app and app portal, please book a demo by clicking here

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