Quick quiz – is your Right to Work check process Brexit ready?


When did you review your process for conducting Right to Work checks?

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How certain are you that everyone involved in recruitment is adhering to your process?

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Is your Right to Work process Digital or Paper-Based?

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Have you got a process in place to monitor legislation changes?

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Have you reviewed your process in light of GDPR legislation?

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Quick quiz - is your Right to Work check process Brexit ready?

Looks like you've taken the right steps to prepare for Brexit

You've taken some good steps to prepare for BREXIT; however it is very important you continue to monitor legislation changes and adapt your internal process and procedures accordingly. Alternatively, you could adopt Rightcheck and relax!

There are more precautions you could take in preparation for BREXIT

If you haven't considered automating and digitised your Right to Work process, now is a great time to look into it. Rightcheck will help future-proof you from any forthcoming changes arising from BREXIT, guiding you through a compliant check within a couple of a minutes - whatever the status or nationality of the candidate.

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