What steps are you taking to avoid a scare to your business?

Identity theft is at an all-time high in the UK. The UK’s fraud prevention service CIFAS recorded 190,000 cases in the past year. Your business is exposed to the risk of ID fraud from several directions, not least when taking on new employees. HR needs to be conscious of the risks ID fraud poses to recruitment and act to mitigate against any exposure. 

Candidate’s using fake ID to secure a job is clearly serious for an employer. The challenge is to ensure that protecting the business from potential fraud of this nature does not become a costly, administrative burden. This is especially important for organisations that are operating in sectors with above average staff-turnover levels (think retail, hospitality, construction, logistics etc) where the HR operational pressures for slick, efficient recruitment and on-boarding processes are high. 

Now there a simple recruitment app that can assist.

Anyone with responsibility for recruitment within your business can simply download Rightcheck onto their mobile device. The app will guide the recruiter through a simple process to validate a candidate’s ID documentation and establish they have a valid ‘Right to Work’ in the UK. Rightcheck uses sate of the art, facial recognition and other AI technologies to authenticate the individual’s ID documentation. What’s more Rightcheck can capture the candidate’s ‘Proof of Address’ – a further protection measure from ID fraud.

Using Rightcheck to verify a candidate’s ID is easy and takes seconds. All the candidate data is securely captured and retained in digital format, this can be accessed at any time via a cloud management portal. By adopting Rightcheck you will also ensure your organisation is fully compliant with GDPR when handling sensitive candidate ID documentation. 

Rightcheck pricing is based on a simple usage model, more than offset by the efficiency gains that you will realise in your recruitment process and a low price to pay to mitigate against the fright of ID fraud.

To find our more please visit www.Rightcheck.io