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‘Tis the season to be compliant 

The pressure is on to hire staff for the festive season, but speedy recruitment can put your business at risk 

The pressure is on


We’ve found that 90% of SMEs don’t perform compliant Right to Work checks


Even for those that do, the festive season puts the pressure on managers and hiring staff to get new employees through the door quickly. With the temptation to put speed of hiring above compliance, there’s a chance of serious damage to your business.


Read on to discover why 

Skipping or postponing checks

It can be tempting for a business to skip or postpone checks on new employees when hiring is constant.


By law, Right to Work checks must be completed before an employee starts working. Waiting until a more convenient time renders the check invalid and puts your business at risk of heavy fines and reputational damage.


Equally, skipping a single check could be disastrous for a business if they are spot audited. Be aware that a single illegal worker could result in a £20,000 civil penalty if you don’t have a “statutory excuse” (a compliant Right to Work check on record). 



Corner cutting 

When put under pressure, it can be easy to cut corners for the sake of speed. 


For example, in a Right to Work check, this may be photocopying a passport without checking if the document is actually valid. 



Lack of knowledge

Few people have the time or patience to read through 250 pages of legislation to learn how to do a Right to Work check compliantly.


This is especially true of staff who are temporarily given the role of hiring. 



Rightcheck makes it easy


A Right to Work check can be completed within 90 seconds using the app.


You can be confident that your staff are doing checks correctly and your business is compliant. 

Fully Mobile

RIghtcheck lives on your device for the flexible nature of your recruitment.

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