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Available Now: Rightcheck Expands Service with Right to Work Ireland Capabilities


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Rightcheck is delighted to announce an extension of its platform capability designed to allow organisations recruiting in the Republic of Ireland to undertake pre-employment Right-to-work checks in accordance with local Irish Government legislation.

Rightcheck pioneered mobile app-based solutions for UK Right to Work checks and is now repeating that success with the first-of-its-kind service in another country.

Bridging the Gap: UK and the Republic of Ireland

As a part of the UK, Northern Ireland has always fallen under the jurisdiction of the UK Government’s Home Office Right to Work legislation. However, the Republic of Ireland (Eire) operates under its own legal framework as an EU member state. Whilst there are similarities to UK legislation, there are essential differences underpinning compliance in Eire.

Recognising that many UK companies have operations in Eire and vice versa, Rightcheck has developed a new category of checks to address the compliance requirements when recruiting in Eire. With the release of this new check category, Rightcheck can now support businesses with operations in both the UK and Eire.

Ensuring Compliance, Every Time

This new category within Rightcheck incorporates the necessary logic applicable to Right to Work legislation in Ireland. You can deploy Rightcheck and ensure your recruitment and HR teams always adhere to the right processes and procedures, allowing them to deliver compliant Right-to-Work checks every time.

Mark Andrews, Rightcheck’s Managing Director, commented, “This is a great milestone hit on our roadmap demonstrating our intention to expand Rightcheck’s capabilities within and beyond UK borders. We have developed this new category in direct response to customer demand and had tremendous support from our partners to help us refine functionality to ensure it’s fit for purpose at launch.”

Supported Documents and Centralised Control

The new Rightcheck category accommodates every type of document a candidate might legitimately offer a recruiter to establish their employment eligibility in the Republic of Ireland. Moreover, Rightcheck can be configured to enable hiring managers in each respective country (UK or Ireland) to conduct the specific checks they require.

Checks (from both territories) are submitted and processed within the Rightcheck HR portal so that HR can access and control everything centrally. This provides HR with a comprehensive oversight of compliance and recruitment activities across both regions.

Get Started with Ireland Checks Rapidly

Rightcheck can be rapidly made available to your hiring managers (based either in the UK and/or Ireland) – within a matter of days should this be required.

If you are an existing Rightcheck customer with operations in the Republic of Ireland and would like to know more, or if you are a new customer – please get in contact with us at sales@rightcheck.io

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