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Protect your business

Rightcheck helps ensure you are compliant with UK Right to Work legislation when you are hiring

Checks in seconds

The average check with Rightcheck takes only 90 seconds

GDPR by design

With encryption and a GDPR compliant workflow, your Right to Work process is secure


RIghtcheck lives on your device for the flexible nature of your recruitment

100% compliant

Using Rightcheck can provide a statutory excuse from prosecution and fines

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Download the app


Anyone that is responsible for hiring in your business can simply download the Rightcheck app.

Review and manage checks


The Rightcheck cloud portal allows you to review and manage checks.

The complete Right to Work solution

Enables compliance with UK legislation that requires you to undertake Right to Work checks on all employees. Rightcheck can deliver compliance with this critical aspect of employment legislation and a statutory excuse to protect your organisation from prosecution and fines.

Capture Documents

Securely capture documents using your device’s camera. The images are wiped from the device once submitted to the portal.

Powerful AI

The in-built AI will guide the user on the right process to follow, and the right documents to capture regardless of the candidate’s nationality.

Greater efficiency

With Rightcheck, you can hire rapidly and eliminate the admin which can hinder fast-paced business. 

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Instant visibility


The optional dashboard within the Rightcheck portal will give you a complete overview of on or off-site recruitment across your business.


See at a glance any checks requiring your attention due to expiring documentation.

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Protect your business


The latest right to work check legislation updates