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Right to Work Home Background

Try Rightcheck for free!

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Try Rightcheck for free!


You can now complete Right to Work checks straight from your mobile device. Rightcheck is a new, simple, intuitive app based solution that can be used by anyone in your organisation with the responsibility for recruitment.

Right to work compliance, Right to Work Checks


Rightcheck delivers compliance in line with the current legislative requirements placed on employers within the UK to conduct Right to Work checks.

Secure Right to Work checks, Right to Work


Rightcheck meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. Data is encrypted from the point of capture via the Rightcheck app and through transmission to secure storage.

Mobile Right to Work checks, Right to Work


Rightcheck operates on a smartphone or tablet enabling real-time Right to Work checks to be undertaken efficiently at any time or location.

What the law requires

Every employer, regardless of size, has a responsibility to perform Right to Work checks on any individual they intend to employ to ensure they have a legal right to work in the UK. This is regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality (applying to UK/European citizens alongside any other nationality). The Right to Work checks must be conducted in strict accordance with a process prior to the commencement of employment and any work undertaken by the individual on behalf of the employer. This applies to any full-time, part-time, or contract role.

Up to May 2014, it was satisfactory to simply date photocopies of relevant identification papers and file them away. Now the only way to establish a statutory excuse is to demonstrate that the Right to Work checks have been correctly carried out and proof retained. An employer found to be employing an individual who does not legally have the right to work in the UK, could incur a fine of up to £20,000 per employee unless the employer has a statutory excuse.

What this means in practice

Since May 2014 Right to Work checks comprise a number of steps, including documents that must be correctly reviewed, signed and attested. There must be a record of the check with associated documents stored for audit purposes (including an obligation to keep records for 2 years after an employee leaves). Furthermore, for certain circumstances, the Right to Work checks must be repeated at appropriate stages during employment.

Cloud based solution

Hosted on Amazon Web Services with capabilities to satisfy the most demanding security requirements

Online Right to Work checks

Line Manager App

  • Right to Work checks conducted from your mobile device
  • Receive notification of approval or rejection and action required
  • Receive reminders of when a Right to Work check is time-bound and needs to be repeated

Management Portal

  • Set up groups to reflect your organisational structure, divisions and departments
  • Determine access levels for users and assign ‘tags’ to identify role or location.
  • Review, authorise and retrieve Right to Work checks
  • Export individual Right to Work checks as printable PDF or CSV file

Powered by KPMG expertise

Rightcheck has been developed in collaboration with KPMG in the UK; their legal and immigration specialists have supported the design of the intelligence and logic embedded within the solution. The relationship is ongoing, KPMG’s Legal Services team monitor legislation changes and advise on any necessary revisions to help ensure Rightcheck is always up to date. KPMG also market the solution under their branding.

Digital Right to Work checks, Right to Work

Digital Records

Details of Right to Work checks and all supporting documentation are securely stored for on-demand retrieval should they need be referenced for audit or other purposes.

Immediate Results

Rightcheck is built on a mobile technology stack, hence it can be used by any of your line managers, anytime, anyplace. Right to Work checks can be submitted directly from your mobile device and approved immediately, aiding rapid onboarding or immediate start.

Immediate Right to Work checks, Right to Work
Update to Right to Work legislation, Right to Work

Automatic Updates

Any changes to legislation with regard to the execution of Right to Work checks can be simply and automatically distributed to line managers in the form of an app update.

One Repository for all Records

Upload existing documents into Rightcheck, creating a single, secure repository for all your organisation’s Right to Work checks.

One Repository for all Records
Right to Work Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology is used to check the MRZ (machine readable zone) on passports to validate it against information provided during a Right to Work check.

Simple Review and Audit Tags

Users can be tagged with any identifier that may help to reflect how your company is organised. Using the management portal, Right to Work checks completed can be filtered and reviewed on-demand.

RIght to Work Audit

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If you would like to find out more about Rightcheck and how our technology may assist in streamlining your HR operations and on-boarding process please contact us on: 02476 158830 or email us at sales@rightcheck.io

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