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Product Update: The Rightcheck platform now incorporates Criminal Record Checks


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Rightcheck is pleased to announce the capability to now undertake Criminal Record Checks directly from the platform. ‘We are delighted to enable this new category of check and, once again, expand the capabilities of Rightcheck to fulfil a broader range of background screening checks in direct response to the demands of our customers’, commented Mark Andrews, MD of Rightcheck.

This new feature, which leverages Rightcheck’s status as a UK government-certified digital identity service provider (IDSP), enables HR and Recruitment teams to order DBS checks directly from the Rightcheck platform with one click.

Organisations will be familiar with the benefits and relevance of DBS checks (which can reveal an individual’s unspent and spent convictions) to their business and employee background screening process. What they will not be aware of are new approaches to streamlining and digitising the process of undertaking these important checks that are now available via Rightcheck.

‍How does Rightcheck streamline the undertaking of DBS checks?

  • Eliminating repeat data entry: Given Right to Work checks are mandatory for all new hires and DBS checks are optional, the candidate’s digital identity that Rightcheck verifies is used for both checks. This makes the process more efficient for both the employer and the candidate.
  • One-click order process: Your HR and Recruitment team can order a DBS check for any candidate with one simple click. The Rightcheck platform automatically does the rest – extracting, encrypting and submitting the necessary candidate data to one of our business partners to fulfil the DBS check request.
  • Easy access and storage of check data: Once complete, the check outcome (in the form of a DBS Summary Report) will automatically be available within the Rightcheck HR portal. Consequently, all necessary candidate data and associated background screening checks are securely stored within a single, GDPR-compliant platform.

How can I access  Rightcheck’s new Criminal Record Checks capability?

Whether you are an existing customer already using Rightheck for Right to Work checks or a new customer who would like to learn more about how Rightcheck can transform and digitise your current approach to candidate checks – please get in touch with our team at sales@rightcheck.io for a no-obligation discussion and demonstration of Rightcheck.

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution