Rightcheck – The Complete Right To Work Solution

Enables you to comply with UK legislation requiring Right to Work checks on all employees. Rightcheck delivers compliance with this critical aspect of employment legislation and a statutory excuse to protect your organisation from prosecution.

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KPMG expertise

Developed in collaboration with KPMG in the UK.

Their legal and immigration specialists have supported the design of the intelligence and logic embedded within the solution. KPMG’s Legal Services team monitor legislation changes and advise on any necessary revisions to help ensure Rightcheck is always up to date.

Document validation

OCR and NFC technology is used to check the MRZ (machine readable zone) on passports and validate documentation against information provided by the candidate and that which is visible to the recruiter during a Right to Work check.

Web management portal

Provides HR teams with complete visibility and control over checks conducted across the entire organisation – regardless of whether recruitment is on site or remote.

Enables checks to be submitted and stored corresponding to organisational structure

Digital records

Delivers GDPR compliance and provides a single repository for all Right to Work checks undertaken and supporting documents copied.

Secure cloud-based storage for on-demand retrieval, with a complete digital audit trail of check processing.