Preparing for BREXIT – Recruitment Compliance

With just over a month to BREXIT what should organisations be doing to prepare in the critical area of recruitment compliance?

Whilst much uncertainty remains there is no uncertainty about UK Right to Work legislation – it will remain, and organisations must ensure they comply. The legislation has been in place for over 10 years now and over that time is has evolved; the nature and scope of a Right to Work check has been subject to routine change and the severity of penalties that organisations face for non-compliance are now major.

With immigration control a central pillar of BREXIT there can be certainty that further change will come, regardless of the way in the UK ultimately leaves the EU. Furthermore we can be certain the approach of the Government, that recognises the key requirement for individuals to find work, will mean that there will be no let-up in the pressure from the Home Office on employers to rigorously conduct Right to Works checks.

This presents challenges for organisations at a number of levels:

  • Keeping track of legislative change – with so much ‘BREXIT noise’ it can be difficult to get a clear perspective of what is changing and when; this is compounded by the Home Office’s tendency to announce new changes to legislation with no prior warning. 
  • Ensuring rigour – organisations with centralised HR need to know with absolute certainty that recruiters/line managers are actually adhering to the current legislation.
  • Complying with GDPR – by its very nature a Right to Work involves the handling of sensitive, personal data and organisations must ensure this is adequately managed and controlled.
  • Delivering a great candidate experience – a buoyant employment market creates the challenge for employers to attract and run an efficient recruitment process.

The answer is simple – Rightcheck technology can address all of these challenges. An intuitive solution, Rightcheck can ensure all your front-line recruitment staff always adhere to the correct process for conducting a Right to Work check, regardless of the nationality or status of the candidate. Rightcheck constantly monitors legislation so that you don’t have to, and whenever there is a change we auto-update the Rightcheck app.

So, if you want to tick-off this aspect of recruitment compliance within your BREXIT-ready planning then doesn’t hesitate to contact us. And please remember because Rightcheck is app-based we can have all your staff up and running on the system in the time it takes them to download an app!