Rightcheck for Leisure & Tourism

Designed for multiple locations and high staff turnover, where rapid onboarding is vital


The complete Right to Work solution

Enables your locations to comply with UK legislation requiring Right to Work checks on all employees. Rightcheck delivers compliance with this critical aspect of employment legislation and a statutory excuse to protect your organisation from prosecution.

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Managing high staff turnover

With high staff turnover rates in the leisure & tourism sector, it’s a challenge to keep track of Right to Work checks.

Rightcheck provides an integrated, secure digital store of all checks conducted with an audit trail that can be accessed on-demand via the Rightcheck cloud portal.

“The implementation for Rightcheck has been great, the process is seamless and has supported our company objectives in ‘Put digital to the heart of everything we do’. Customer Support has been amazing, always available to help with any query big or small”


Rapid recruiting and on-boarding

In leisure & tourism, speed in recruitment is essential.

Rightcheck makes it easy for your recruitment staff to complete a check and capture the right documentation within seconds directly from their mobile device.

An average Right to Work check with Rightcheck takes only 90 seconds

Enabling HR to take back control

In hospitality, HR need to know that every location always follows the company’s recruitment policies and processes. This is vital for Right to Works checks.

Rightcheck’s cloud-based web portal provides HR with control and visibility to ensure the right process to conduct a compliant check is always followed.

Easy to implement

Your recruitment staff simply download Rightcheck from the Apple, Google or Microsoft app stores, and HR access the Rightcheck cloud-based web portal to review, approve and manage checks.

What could be easier?

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