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Alex, Have you considered an Internal Right to Work Audit?

An ‘internal audit’ is referred to in the Employers Guide by the Home Office because in recent years several significant changes to Right to Work legislation has made compliance challenging. Ensuring every employee has a valid Right to Work and no mistakes have been made is crucial.

The Rightcheck Audit Handbook is your complete guide to how the Rightcheck Internal Right to Work Audit works. You’ll learn:

  1. Key reasons to conduct an Audit now.
  2. What you need to know about conducting the Audit.
  3. How Rightcheck can help you conduct the Audit.
  4. The features of the Rightcheck platform that will support your business.
  5. Options on how to conduct the audit: Self-Service or Rightcheck Managed.

The Rightcheck platform simplifies the audit process with minimal disruption and provides options to either conduct the audit yourself or let Rightcheck experts manage it for you.

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