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Integrating a Right to Work solution with your ATS/HR Platform – key considerations


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HR teams today are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency. A key component is the seamless integration of all the various ATS/HR software solutions your HR team utilises.

In this blog article, we will look at the benefits of integrating a Right to Work platform with your ATS/HR system, some steps to take to ensure you have a smooth integration process, and how the team at Rightcheck can help.

What is a Right to Work Solution?

Before diving into the integration, it’s essential to understand what a Right to Work solution is. Employers are obligated to conduct Right to Work checks to ensure candidates are legally entitled to work in the UK. This check is required by law for all recruits, and failure to carry out the check correctly (in accordance with Home Office guidance) can result in serious consequences.

Rightcheck is a SaaS-based digital platform that hundreds of UK organisations of all sectors/sizes use to digitise and streamline this compliance challenge. The solution ensures that all aspects of compliance are addressed when conducting Right to Work checks and that it’s efficiently handled under one roof at a relevant stage in your recruitment process, whether you’re looking to conduct remote IDVT checks (with the addition of a day one imposter check) or physical in-person checks. This is delivered via a simple-to-use mobile app-based solution.

Integrating a Right to Work solution with your HR or ATS system isn’t just a matter of convenience – it’s about optimising your hiring process. By doing so, businesses can ensure that every candidate is immediately screened for their eligibility to work before they move forward in the hiring funnel, with all sensitive GDPR candidate data being securely managed, centralised and readily accessible, making it easier for HR teams to track, report, and audit.

What are the benefits of integrating? 

Integrating a Right to Work solution with your ATS and HR platforms can transform your hiring process.

Let’s consider the benefits of integration.

1. Efficiency: By integrating Right to Work solutions with ATS and HR platforms, once candidates are selected, their details can automatically be verified for their Right to Work status, speeding up hiring and onboarding processes.

2. Accuracy: Automated systems reduce human error. Connecting these platforms reduces the chances of human error – missing essential verification or check data processing steps.

3. Experience: Establishing an automated, integrated workflow delivers an improved candidate experience – ensuring every candidate consistently undergoes the same thorough check and verification process.

4. Compliance: With penalties for non-compliance set to triple in the New Year, employers and recruiters cannot afford to be complacent about this crucial element of recruitment compliance. Integrated solutions offer better oversight, helping ensure your business always maintains compliance.

What is the key to a successful integration? 

The key to a successful integration is partner selection. You need a Right to Work solution provider that will:

1. Be accessible and receptive to jump on calls to help your team explore and define the path to integration, ideally at zero cost.

2. Facilitate the complete spectrum of Right to Work checks for any given situation, including remote, face-to-face and imposter checks.

3. Support you through the process, backed up by clear documentation and a sandbox (testing) environment that enables adequate testing and simulation before you go live.

4. Demonstrate experience and knowledge of the vast range of HR/ATS software solutions on the market today, which can be valuable for future troubleshooting or integrating additional systems.

Why Rightcheck?

The digital transformation of HR is not just a trend; it’s a necessary evolution in the face of an ever-challenging recruitment environment. At Rightcheck, we’ve recognised this imperative and created the UK’s leading Right to Work solution.

What’s more, we’ve designed into the Rightcheck platform the capability to embrace integrations easily. We already manage integrations with many popular ATS/HR systems. We will hold your hand through the process and ensure you derive the benefits at no additional cost.

If you want to learn more about Rightcheck and delve deeper into the value of integration with your existing ATS/HR system, email sales@rightcheck.io, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution