How seasonal recruitment heightens the risk of non-compliance

It’s rapidly approaching that time of year when organisations scale up their recruitment in preparation for the festive season. This presents the challenge for operational managers to interview candidates and on-board new employees rapidly, often in high volumes.

From a HR perspective, there is a need to ensure that this peak in recruitment activity doesn’t mean adherence to organisational compliance is compromised by two issues:

  1. Recruiters cutting corners on compliance checks.

This is hard to avoid without a robust means of reviewing compliance checks. However, in times of peak recruitment it can be demanding and unrealistic for HR to manually review every check for consistency and compliance.

  1. Managers drafted in to help with the recruitment drive lacking in adequate knowledge/training

For those who are not routinely involved in recruiting, it is likely that they will have only a limited grasp of the requirements of employment legislation, the processes required to comply, and the consequences of non-compliance. They may simply not have the background knowledge necessary to conduct compliant checks and will need HR to deliver training and support.

Addressing these issues is vital. Failure to do so can lead to penalties up to £20,000 per employee and untold damage to an organisation’s reputation. You shouldn’t have to worry about an unannounced visit from UKVI at peak times of recruitment to inspect/audit, when your processes and procedures may not stand up to scrutiny.

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