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App-based solution that streamlines compliance with Right to Work, Modern Slavery & GDPR legislation when recruiting. Rightcheck delivers control to HR Operations by ensuring a consistent, process-driven approach to this vital area of recruitment compliance.

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The complete Right to Work and ID verification solution

Enabling all areas of your operations to comply with UK legislation requiring Right to Work checks on all employees. Rightcheck delivers compliance with this critical aspect of employment legislation and a statutory excuse to protect your organisation from prosecution.

Right to work legislation

Handles ALL Home Office listed immigration documents. Guides recruiter through compliant ‘statutory excuse’ check. EU Settled Status & Complex immigration status covered. Automatic legislation updates for Apple or Android devices

HR Automation

Automated check approvals in app within minutes. Advanced Facial recognition and document validation. HR check admin automation process reduces time and cost. Apple & Android Biometric chip reader capability

Data Management

GDPR ready, data encryption, transfer, storage & deletion. System alerts for check renewals and compliance issues. App captures proof of address and other on boarding documents. Handles Employer Checking Service workflows


RESTful API allows integration with most other systems. Integrate with ATS, HR systems, workforce management or payroll. Our integration team can liaise directly with your provider. Additional compliance tasks can be automated.

Managing High Staff Turnover

With high staff turnover rates in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector, it can be a challenge to keep track of Right to Work checks.


Rightcheck provides an integrated, secure digital store of all checks conducted with an audit trail that can be accessed on-demand via the Rightcheck cloud portal.

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Rapid Recruiting and Onboarding

In hospitality, speed in recruitment is essential.


Rightcheck makes it easy for your recruitment staff to complete a check and capture the right documentation within seconds directly from their mobile device.


Seconds to conduct a Right to Work check


Checks a year with Rightcheck

Enabling HR to take back control

With multiple remote sites and operations, HR need to know that every location always follows the company’s recruitment policies and processes. This is vital for Right to Works checks.


Rightcheck’s cloud-based web portal provides HR with control and visibility to ensure the right process to conduct a compliant check is always followed.

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Easy To Implement

Your recruitment staff simply download Rightcheck from the Apple or Google app stores and HR access the Rightcheck cloud-based web portal to review, approve and manage checks.


What could be easier?

  • Right to Work compliance
  • Anti-slavery, FCA & KYE compliance
  • TUPE compliance
  • GDPR compliance
Right to Work compliance

Rightcheck delivers compliance with UK Home Office legislation that requires Right to Work checks are conducted on all employees – regardless of their nationality or immigration status. Rightcheck distills all 40 plus pages of Home Office guidance into an easy to use, intuitive app that this auto-updated whenever there is a change to legislation. Rightcheck also ensure the checks are stored and managed for the requisite duration of employment plus 2 year’s post employment.

Anti-slavery, FCA & KYE compliance

Rightcheck delivers compliance with the Modern Slavery Act guidance, Know Your Employee (KYE) best practice and FCA requirements that require employers undertake ‘proof of address’ checks. Rightcheck includes logic that guides the user through the necessary documents to review and capture.

TUPE compliance

Rightcheck delivers compliance with the obligation on the new employer to validate Right to Work checks on employees acquired through TUPE transfers. Rightcheck makes it an easy process to conduct these checks efficiently in volume within the allowable 60 day ‘grace-period’ from the date of the transfer.

GDPR compliance

Rightcheck delivers GDPR compliance providing a digital, secure repository for all Right to Work checks undertaken and supporting documentation. With Rightcheck you are assured that both the check process and check management process is undertaken in full accordance with the GDPR regulations

What the law requires 

Every employer, regardless of size, has a responsibility to perform Right to Work checks on any individual they intend to employ to ensure they have a legal right to work in the UK. This is regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality (applying to UK/European citizens alongside any other nationality). The Right to Work checks must be conducted prior to the commencement of employment and any work undertaken by the individual on behalf of the employer. This applies to any full-time, part-time, or contract role.


Before May 2014, it was satisfactory to simply date photocopies of relevant identification papers and file them away. Now the only way to establish a statutory excuse is to demonstrate that the Right to Work checks have been correctly carried out and proof retained. 

An employer found to be employing an individual who does not legally have the right to work in the UK, could incur a fine of up to £20,000 per employee unless the employer has a statutory excuse.

What this means in practice

Since May 2014 Right to Work checks comprise a number of steps, including documents that must be correctly reviewed, signed and attested. There must be a record of the check with associated documents stored for audit purposes (including an obligation to keep records for 2 years after an employee leaves). Furthermore, for certain circumstances, the Right to Work checks must be repeated at appropriate stages during employment.

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