Right to Work & ID checks made easy

Rightcheck offers next generation mobile and cloud-based technology to streamline your recruitment and on-boarding processes.

Download and deploy the app

Deploy with ease across your organisation to employees, line managers, recruiting teams or HR managers who simply download the Rightcheck app.

Monitor, audit and check management

HR have access to the Rightcheck cloud portal where they have complete visibility of all checks undertaken and audit trail.

The complete Right to Work and ID verification solution

Enables your organisation to comply with UK legislation requiring Right to Work checks on all employees. Rightcheck can deliver compliance with this critical aspect of employment legislation, delivering a ‘statutory excuse’ to protect your organisation from prosecution and fines.

Capture Documents

Securely capture documents using your device’s camera. The images are wiped from the device once submitted to the portal.

Rapid onboarding

Conduct checks using mobile app at any point during hiring process and receive instant, automated check approval within seconds.

Powerful AI

The in-built AI will guide the user on the right process to follow, and the right documents to capture regardless of the candidate’s nationality.

Complete visibility

Portal dashboard provides HR with complete visibility and control over checks conducted across the entire organisation – regardless of whether recruitment is on-site or remote.


Rightcheck is the industry-leading Right to Work check solution; app-based, Rightcheck is easy to deploy and easy to use. New features have been introduced that can further increase efficiency, enhance security and reduce risk.

Right to Work check automation

Rightcheck can now be configured to ‘auto-approve’ checks with instant check approval; no secondary validation by HR is required for the vast majority of checks undertaken. The app now uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition); reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy.

Identity document verification

Rightcheck platform now incorporates facial recognition and other machine learning technologies to verify the biometric data of an individual’s identity documentation. These verification checks auto-alert HR to pinpoint issues requiring attention to protect your business from identity fraud and imposters.

New starter data capture

Rightcheck platform now provides a secure, digital repository for the capture of all necessary new starter data – proof of address, vocational certifications, professional accreditations etc. This is configurable to the particular needs and recruitment policies of the organisation.

Checks in seconds

Using Rightcheck typically it only takes 90 seconds to conduct the required checks on your new recruits, allowing your business to on-board rapidly.

GDPR compliant process

With Rightcheck you can relax in the knowledge that your employee’s personal data is captured, processed and stored in full compliance with GDPR.


Rightcheck is designed for mobile – Android or IOS – meeting the need for flexible, off-site recruitment that can readily scale as your business demands.

100% compliance

With no room for error with compliance, Rightcheck can provide the assurance of adherence to your HR recruitment policies and procedures without fail.

Powerful logic

The in-built logic intuitively guides the user through the right process to follow and the right documents to capture, regardless of the candidate’s nationality.

Integrate with your HR workflow

Rightcheck’s RESTful API enables seamless integration with your existing HR, ATS and Accounting systems. This supports the automation and streamlining of your on-boarding process; providing for immediate notification that a candidate’s employment checks have been conducted and approved.

See how Rightcheck will transform your onboarding process.


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