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2024 Candidate Guide: Obtaining Share Codes to Prove Your Right to Work


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Launched in July 2019 following post-Brexit legislation and the UK government’s continued drive to digitise immigration, a Share Code has become crucial to verifying an employee’s Right to Work within the UK immigration system.

Our experts are often asked, “How do I get a Share Code?” This blog post is a straightforward process for obtaining a Share Code and answers to common FAQs to ensure you enjoy a smooth onboarding experience.

Understanding Share Codes

A Share Code is a unique nine-digit code from the UKVI for non-UK nationals verifying their Right to Work in the UK. As a candidate presenting a Share Code to an employee, you should know that:

  • Employers must validate your Share Code to employ you.
  • Your code is unique, showing your immigration status and work details.
  • You can only get a Share Code through the UK Government Website.
  • Post-Brexit, EU, EEA, or Swiss IDs aren’t accepted for work verification.

Your Share Code will show your employer the following information:

  • Personal details.
  • Immigration status.
  • Validity period.
  • Work rights.
  • Any conditions or restrictions.
  • Issue and validity dates.
  • Reference numbers.

Step-by-Step Guide: Obtaining a Share Code

Before you generate your Share Code, you will need the following:

  1. Details of the identity document you used when you applied for your eVisa.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. Access to the mobile number or email address you used when you applied.

Once you have these, you need to follow these steps to generate your Share Code:

  1. Firstly, visit the following website (www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status) and click the green button at the bottom of the page which says ‘Start Now’.
  2. From the list on the screen, you need to select the document – either a Passport, National Identity Card, or Biometric Residence Card or Permit – that you used when submitting your original visa application to the UK Government.
  3. You will now be asked to provide the document number of your selected document – either passport, national identity card, biometric residence card, or permit – and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. Enter your date of birth (Day/Month/Year) and click ‘Continue.’
  5. To verify your identity, you’ll get a code through the phone or email provided during your eVisa application. Select the method you wish to receive your code.  If you can’t access these, choose ‘Recover your Account.’
  6. Get the 6-digit security code from either your phone or email and copy it into the ‘Security Code’ box, then click ‘Continue’.
  7. You will now be on a page titled ‘Your Immigration Status’ – Scroll down to the section ‘Prove your status’ and click on the green button, ‘Get a Share Code.’
  8. On this page click the green button ‘Get Share Code’ on the next screen.
  9. You will then be asked, via the option of three ticket boxes, why you are requesting a Share Code. To prove your Right to Work, select the box ‘To prove my Right to Work – Including Work Placements.’ Then select the ‘Continue’ box.
  10. Your Right to Work details will appear on the next page. To get a Share Code, scroll down and select the ‘Continue’ Box.
  11. On the next page, ‘Details to give your employer’, you will see your unique Share Code – It will look like this: WLR ZK2 264. This is your Share Code that you can provide to your employer as proof of your Right to Work.

Share Code FAQs

Our Right to Work Experts have put together answers to the four most commonly asked questions we get asked by candidates to help you better navigate the Share Code process.

Q1: How long does a Share Code last, and is it free?

Share Codes, available at no cost from the UK Government’s Home Office, are valid for 30 days to safeguard against fraud. After expiration, a new code must be obtained.

Q2: Can employers or Rightcheck obtain a Share Code for me?

Only individuals can generate a Share Code via their online Visa account. Employers and Rightcheck can offer guidance, but you need help accessing your account to get the code.

Q3: Where can I go to get help with Share Code issues?

For assistance, contact the UKVI Resolution Centre at 0300 790 6268 or 0293 875 4669. They are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm, and weekends, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Q4: How often can I use a Share Code?

A Share Code can be used multiple times within its 90-day validity for its stated purpose. A new code is needed for different purposes, such as the Right to Rent.

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide you with the most current advice and information regarding the right to work in accordance with Home Office legislation, please be aware that these regulations are subject to change, and this article should not be taken as legal advice. We recommend consulting a trained legal professional for legal advice concerning Right to Work matters.

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