Is Your Right To Work Process Ready For Brexit?

Brexit is going to put UK businesses on the front line. Is your Right to Work process robust enough to cope?

Theresa Villiers, the former Northern Ireland Secretary, has been in the media discussing the implications of the Government’s proposals for the revised border arrangements in Ireland following Brexit.

The suggestion is that a ‘back door’ to the UK via Dublin would present immigration challenges that border forces alone could not be expected to manage.

On BBC News, Villiers indicated that border checks will not be the key to ending EU freedom of movement in the UK, and there could be more pressure on employers to check an individuals immigration status.

“the rules on immigration that are likely to change are not necessarily rules about people coming in for short visits, they are relating to the right to live and work in the long term, in the United Kingdom and actually enforcing those rules, the checks on the way into the country are less relevant” – Theresa Villiers

Post-Brexit pressures

The reality is that immigration is going to change dramatically post-brexit.

It’s still not clear how the freedom of movement is going to work, but the Right to Work is going to be less prevalent than ever before.

The number of illegal workers applying for employment is going to rise, but the Government will not become more lenient.

Employers need to be prepared for this change in environment by making sure their Right to Work checks are rock solid. When you consider that a single illegal worker could result in a £20,000 fine, is it worth ignoring?

If you’re not sure how to tighten up your checks, we have software that can help

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