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7 Reasons why Rightcheck is the IDSP of choice for UK Employers


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In today’s fast-paced employee onboarding environment, ensuring compliance while streamlining HR operations is essential. Rightcheck, a leading Government-approved IDSP provider, uses Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) software to offer a comprehensive solution for managing Right to Work (RTW) checks, significantly benefiting your company’s onboarding operations.

Here are seven compelling reasons to consider Rightcheck – a government-certified digital identity service provider (IDSP):

1. Seamless integration with HR and ATS Platforms

Rightcheck offers seamless integration with HR and ATS platforms, ensuring an efficient recruitment process. Our solution already supports integrations with a wide range of HR and ATS systems; however, please contact us if you work with a system not listed on our marketplace. We are always keen to expand our reach.

2. Comprehensive Support for all Right to Work Documentation 

Rightcheck is comprehensive in its capability to cater for all recruitment approaches and candidate immigration scenarios you may encounter. This accommodates all Home Office-approved Right to Work documents listed in List A and B, including Groups 1 and 2. Rightcheck enables your recruiters to accept, process and validate all necessary candidate documentation via a simple-to-use app, from British and Irish passports to UK birth certificates and foreign nationals with Share Codes.

3. Empower your candidates to submit their data and documentation with ease

Rightcheck’s candidate app enables  Right to Work checks to be conducted remotely. This approach ensures compliance with GDPR and Home Office regulations without compromising data security whilst reducing the hiring time.

4. The All-In-One Right to Work Check solution

In one platform, Rightcheck caters for ALL the necessary checks relating to compliance with Right to Work legislation you will encounter:

  • Face-to-face checks where legislation dictates you must physically inspect documentation.
  • Candidate checks where legislation dictates you can hire remotely.
  • Imposter checks on day 1 of onboarding.
  • Legacy checks that you have in your HR filing system.
  • Re-checks (relating to an individual’s expiring documentation).
  • TUPE transfer Right to Work checks are necessary for business acquisition.

5. HR control across all your organisation’s recruitment activity 

Rightcheck empowers HR operations teams with its user-friendly interface, making it easy to monitor and process all checks submitted. The platform’s automation feature ensures recruiters receive in-app messaging promptly, expediting the hiring process. When further actions are needed, Rightcheck provides clear and concise guidance, putting HR professionals in control.

6. Speed up and streamline your onboarding process

Rightcheck is designed to save you time. It can automatically approve most Right to Work checks for your candidates in under 60 seconds while maintaining compliance. This streamlined onboarding process reduces the time it takes to hire new staff, lightening the load for HR professionals. With Rightcheck, you can transform traditional manual HR processes into digital, efficient, and compliant processes.

7. Tailor the Rightcheck platform to your needs

Rightcheck’s range of pre-employment checks is expanding. With one click from the Rightcheck HR portal, recruiters can order criminal records and DBS checks directly from the platform.

Next Steps

Choosing the right IDSP  to partner with your business is vital. Contact our Right to Work experts today via live chat or email to speak with our expert team. Discover how Rightcheck can support your efforts to transform HR recruitment compliance.

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution

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Rightcheck - Simple, Secure, Digital Right to Work Solution