5 simple measures to avoid the worry of a GDPR data breach

In the wake of scary GDPR penalty stories, we suggest some simple measures to avoid the worry of data loss during the recruitment process of acquiring a prospective new employee’s personal ID data:

  1. Avoid a lack of process that clearly defines what candidate documents to obtain
  2. Avoid photocopier hard copies circulating of candidate documents
  3. Avoid emailing, or circulating unencrypted scans of documents
  4. Avoid storing copies of documents in filing cabinets, or laptop/computer hard-drives
  5. Avoid keeping copies of documents longer than is absolutely necessary – but remember your legal obligation to retain right to work checks for two years post-employment

If you have any concerns, we would be happy to undertake a confidential diagnostic to provide you with a ‘health-check’ on how your organisation is currently protected against this critical area of data protection compliance.