Home office raids, illegal workers, Government Right to Work video

Right to Work checks – are you up to date with legislation?

As an employer, you have a duty to prevent illegal working. You may discharge this duty and obtain a statutory excuse (a defence) against liability by conducting compliant Right to […]

Right to Work checks – Are your local restaurant teams cutting corners?

High staff turnover levels are a characteristic of the restaurant & hospitality industry. Where the business in question is a chain with multiple outlets, dealing with this challenge falls to […]

Right to Work checks – Are your hotel management teams cutting corners?

In an industry characterised by high levels of staff turnover, local hotel management teams deal with a wide range of HR issues. With occupancy levels, cost control and customer satisfaction […]

Right to Work checks – how do you know your Store Managers are not cutting corners?

This is a busy time for retail – pressure for sales and pressure to cope with staff recruitment challenges that the new year can often bring. It’s a time when […]

Right to Work checks – be prepared for 2017

With changes to legislation in 2014 and 2016, it is reasonable to expect that 2017 will see further changes. Being prepared and ensuring your current processes and procedures for conducting […]

Right to Work Legislation

Right to Work legislation – 5 essential steps

All companies have a statutory obligation to check their employees’ Right to Work in the UK. To help you appraise how your organisation addresses compliance with Right to Work legislation, […]

Home office raids, illegal workers, Government Right to Work video

Government enforcement activity relating to Right to Work continues to make the news

Immigration Officers would appear to be continuing to prioritise raids on sectors where there is generally a higher proportion of migrant temporary or casual workers – including the catering, hotels, […]

Right to Work Compliance - Byron Burger Right to Work

To be or not to be compliant. That is the question

If there is doubt over what constitutes Right to Work compliance, the recent case involving a burger chain in London helps clarify. Where does an organisation stand should it unwittingly […]

Immigration Act 2016, Right to work law

The Immigration Act 2016 – first set of measures take effect

Whilst The Immigration Act 2016 measures focus on increasing penalties for employing an illegal worker, all employers are urged to take the opportunity to ensure HR systems are up to […]

Illegal working civil penalties

£21m illegal working civil penalties levied on businesses by UKVI

The UK Government has released statistics regarding the extent of illegal working civil penalties handed to UK companies found to have illegal workers within their organisation. The report, covering the […]

Right to work process

The case for change

A digital age is upon us and yet many organisation’s Right to Work process is still paper-based. What is the business case to go digital? During recent conversations with organisations […]

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The simple way to avoid tougher sanctions is in the palm of your hand

It is clear the government’s legislative agenda in relation to immigration aims to apply ever increasing pressure on UK employers to check the working status of their new recruits. Organisations […]